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Tubing is Cheap Excercise Equipment

Excercise tubing may be simple, but it is a surprisingly good way to get an effective workout. Although many people eagerly buy the latest excercise equipment, believing the hype over the current fad, the biggest, most complex, and most expensive equipment is not always better than simple alternatives. Excercise tubing exemplifies this philosophy because it is hard to find anything much simpler. Made only of some kind of elastic, rubberized material, excercise tubing is incredibly small, lightweight, portable, and damage resistant. As a result, it can easily fit into nearly anyone's excercise routine, bringing a wealth of benefits along with it.

Excercise Tubing and Abdominal Strength

Excercise tubing was developed on the philosophy that resistance training is an excellent way to boost fitness, build muscle, and tone and sculpt people's bodies. If you have been listening to fitness conversations for any length of time, it is almost inevitable that you have heard talk of resistance training at least once or twice. For people who decide to incorporate excercise tubing into their excercise regimens, the excercises or activities they do essentially remain the same. The only difference is that using excercise tubing adds a bit more resistance that makes the activity harder. As a result, the body works harder and the muscles are forced to contract with greater intensity.

Excercise tubing is great for abdominal excercises, especially for people who already have abdominal muscles that are somewhat developed. Although beginners may find that using the excercise tubing with abdominal excercises is a bit too difficult, others often find that the extra resistance provided by the excercise tubing is just what is needed to really develop their abdominal muscles and give them a breakthrough success.

One of the easiest ways to use excercise tubing with abdominal excercises is with the basic crunch. Wrap or tie the excercise tubing around the leg of a sturdy couch, chair, or table and hold on to the other end with your hands. Whether you hold the tubing above your head or allow it enough length so that you can hold it farther along down your body is up to personal preference. As you grasp the tubing, carefully and slowly perform your crunches just as you would without the tubing. You can do a whole range of different crunches this way, working your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and even your back. Remember to breathe while performing the crunches. Going slowly or holding the crunch against the resistance of the tubing at key points will give you an even better ab workout.

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