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Tubing Used for Resistence Exercise

Using resistence tubing in your workout or exercise routine is a great way to increase strength and flexibility, as well as tone muscles. There are many benefits to resistence tubing, making them popular exercise accessories regardless of your fitness or strength level. Because they are based on the concept of resistence--the resistence being created by the rubber material they are made of--you can easily modify the exercises to accommodate many different levels of resistence. Plus, you do not have to deal with the hassle of different sizes of heavy weights or dumbbells that are often awkward to hold and inconvenient to store.

Good Exercises with Resistence Tubing

If you have any amount of creativity or common sense, you can easily devise a series of resistence tubing exercises designed to work the specific bodily areas and muscle groups that you want to focus on. Cleary, resisting the force of the band works the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, so all you have to do is attach the resistence tubing to the right location and pull in the right direction. One good exercise that you can do that works the biceps, shoulders, and chest muscles is the standing press. Attach the resistence tubing to something sturdy directly behind you at about shoulder level or a little lower. Then, with one leg forward for balance and stability and your knees slightly bent, hold the tubing in both of your hands and pull it in front of you so that you are extending your arms straight out at chest level in front of your body. It is the same motion as a bench press but done while standing.

Another exercise with a similar motion that again works the arm muscles, especially the shoulders, starts by attaching the resistence tubing to something behind you at the level of your knee or slightly lower. Spread your legs apart, one forward and one behind, for balance again and hold the tubing in your right hand. Extend your right hand slightly up and across the front of your body until it is fully extended and then slowly allow your arm to return to its initial position. Because of the slight cross-over action, you will be working different muscles in your arms. Your oblique muscles in your abs will get some benefit, as well, as they hold your core tight for stability. Although these are only two of the possibilities, hopefully they have given you some ideas about what other kinds of exercises you can do with resistence tubing.

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