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Strength Training With Resistance Equipment

There are so many huge, bulky and downright complicated pieces of exercise equipment on the market. If you want to avoid the hassle and massive size of exercise machines while still getting strength training, then you should take a close look at resistance training equipment. The key to resistance exercise is resistive force and not necessarily weight. Because of this, it is possible to do an effective strength training workout without having a lot of space or large pieces of exercise equipment. Much resistance equipment is small enough to fit in a briefcase or suitcase making it portable enough to go on trips or to the office for a midmorning fitness break.

There are many resistance exercises and they are fairly easy to perform. There are also several types of resistance training equipment that will help to make your workout work for you. One of the most popular pieces of equipment is the resistance band. These bands have a range of resistive force that increases from low to high. You can buy them in sets or as singles depending on your preference. Resistance or fitness bands are often flat strips that can be used in conjunction with your standard workout routine. Learning to use them is made easier with resistance band charts that detail the exercises and have either pictures or drawing to illustrate how to perform the exercise correctly.

Resistance Training Equipment Highly Accepted For Fitness

Resistance tubing has proven to be one of the most common forms of resistance training equipment. Well supported within the health and fitness community, many companies are starting to carry their own versions of fitness tubing products and accessories. Resistance tubing seems to offer more possibilities for use. Most tubing equipment comes with handles attached, but others offer handles as an option so that you can switch up the resistance levels. Tubing offers even more versatility since it can be used with so many accessories. There are bars that allow you to do overhead presses, curls and other exercises similar to lifting weights.

Resistance training equipment is for the most part, portable. There are some pieces that can be large, but many pieces can easily fit into a briefcase or suitcase. There are balls, bars, bands and even whole home gym sets based on resistance workouts and resistive force. Get the strength training you want with the portability you need by using resistance exercise equipment. Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any workout regimen.

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