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Exercise Hints: A Book for the Band

If you are looking for an exercise band book, you have many different options. Exercise bands have become a really popular exercise accessory, probably due to their low cost, convenience, easy portability, and effectiveness. People now use exercise bands to work abdominal muscles and core back muscles, and to strengthen and tone arm and leg muscles. Exercise bands are also used for more intensive and complete stretching, especially for those people who do not have exercise partners and must stretch alone. Rehabilitation exercises often include exercise bands because they provide light resistance that gradually builds muscle strength and function without a large risk of re-injury.

Exercise Band Book Gives Suggestions

There is quite a large selection of exercise band books because some of them focus on a specific aspect of exercise band use. For example, some exercise band books concentrate exclusively on using exercise bands to improve stretching. Exercise bands are great for stretching because they can help people achieve a better stretch when stretching alone. For example, when lying on your back and bringing one of your legs toward your upper body, it is often hard for some people to reach the leg and gently pull on it. By wrapping an exercise band around an ankle or the arch of the foot, it is now easy to pull on the resistance band, slowly and gently bringing the leg toward the upper body. The stretch in the hamstring is felt more intensely and there is no strain to other parts of the body. Exercise band books that focus on stretching will describe many other ways of using the bands while stretching.

Other exercise band books focus on particular exercises that can be done to improve muscle tone and strength. Some books may be large and cover an extensive list of activities, while others may limit the contents of the book to concentrate on a specific muscle group. The advantage of these books is that they give you ideas for new ways to incorporate the bands into your exercise routine and show you how to properly perform the exercises.

Many companies that make exercise bands also have an exercise band book that accompanies their product. Although specific companies’ advertisements may say that their books are better with their particular exercise band product, this is not really the case. In most instances, any exercise band book can be used with any exercise band product because there are only slight variations among bands. Books can be easily be bought online at exercise or company websites or even at other online stores that sell a variety of books like Amazon.com.

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