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Band Equipment for Resistance Training

Resistance band training is a great form of exercise for the average person looking to boost their fitness levels or increase muscular strength. People exercise for all different reasons and motivations, and their individual goals dramatically affect which activities they include in their workouts and how they do them. For example, a person training for the Boston Marathon, especially if he or she hopes to be a serious competitor, will most likely focus primarily on the running component of his or her exercise regimen. Additionally, he or she will probably devote much more time to the exercise than the average person because the ultimate goal is so much more demanding and intensive. Although resistance band training is not right for everyone, it does have the potential to result in fitness gains for most people.

Uses for Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training is a low-key and quick way of building muscle strength, but it is very effective. It often requires less time than other weight training or muscular strengthening activities because it can be done outside of a gym and does not require people to use various weights of dumbbells or spend time putting on weights and taking them off of barbells or other machines. People of all strength levels can benefit from this kind of strength training because the resistance of each band can be modified depending on what the individual person wants or is capable of.

Resistance band training is also very easy to understand for people who are new to exercise and weight training. There are many different websites online that offer step-by-step instructions and diagrams showing how to perform the simple exercises and movements. The specific exercises often target isolated muscle groups, enabling you to see results after a short period of time. Most people plan to include a few exercises per day in their workout routines, doing two to three sets of ten to twenty repetitions.

Another way to use resistance band training is for specific athletic events. Because resistance is a good way to develop muscles and because the bands are so flexible and adaptable, there are many specialized activities that can be used to develop certain skills required for some events. For example, javelin throwers can use resistance band training to develop the pull-through motion required for proper javelin technique. Not only does it help strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and upper arm, but it also allows the throwing technique to be analyzed in a slow motion way. This same function can be used for other specific events, as well.

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