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Band Excersises: Workouts of Resistance

Resistance band excersises can be as extensive and diverse as you want to make them. Because resistance bands are so versatile and adaptable, they can be used to do virtually any number of excersises that work all different parts of the body. Some people may think that resistance band excersises are not very effective because they are so simple and easy, but the reality is that resistance training is a long-proven way to effectively build and tone muscle. Furthermore, resistance bands also have another element contributing to their effectiveness: convenience. Because resistance bands are so easy to use, especially in people's own homes, people can more easily find the time to commit to their resistance band routine because it is far less time consuming or schedule-disruptive than packing up and heading to the gym for an hour.

Resistance Bands Excersises for Arms and Legs

The key to using resistance band is learning a few resistance bands excersises at a time. There are so many different options and possibilites that it is nearly impossible to learn them all initially or do them all in every workout session. One of the benefits of resistance band excersises is that they can be frequently varied and exchanged, so people are far less likely to get bored with the same old strengthening routine. Plus, muscles receive a greater workout when new motions and excersises are introduced, so alternating your resistance band excersises every week or so can help you see results faster.

One great resistance band excersise that is great for working the back muscles is similar to a seated row that you would do with a machine at a gym. Using a resistance band that is shaped like a Y, tie the one single end to a sturdy object in front of you. Hold on to the other ends of the resistance band with both hands so that the band still has some--but not a lot--of slack in it. Bracing yourself with one leg slightly in front of the other, pull both hands toward your chest, contracting your back muscles against the resistance of the band. Then, slowly allow your arms to return to the starting position.

A great excersise that works the shin muscles and calves is also very easy to do with resistance bands. Sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out straight in front of you, tie one end of the resistance band around your left foot. Hold the other end in your hand, pulling it so there is a moderate amount of resistance or tension already in the band. Push your toes away from your body, holding them in that position before returning them to the starting position. Repeat this about twenty times before switching legs. You should feel the excersise in your shins and calves.

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