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Exercise Hints for Training: Work with a Band

Exercise band training is a great way to tone muscles without building a lot of bulky muscle mass. Exercise bands are commonly used by people who prefer to workout at home or by people who are undergoing physical therapy after an injury. These types of activities are great for recovering from an injury because they place very little pressure and strain on key joints or muscles while still allowing the affected area to regain strength and power. Exercise band training can be used for many different parts of the body, and is simple to learn for even beginners or people with no workout experience.

Ways to Start Exercise Band Training

If you want to start exercise band training, there are many exercises you can try. One easy exercise helps strengthen the quad muscle in the leg, which gives you greater power and helps hold the knee in place. Sitting on a table or chair, tie one end of the exercise band around the bottom of one of the chair legs at about the same level as your ankle. Wrap the other end of the exercise band around your ankle, making sure that the band length is long enough so that when you extend your ankle out, bringing it level with your knee, there is sufficient tension in the band. This exercise is called a leg extension because you are extending your leg, tightening your quad as you do so.

Another leg exercise you can do in exercise band training can strengthen your inner thighs. Tie one end of the exercise band to a sturdy table, chair or other piece of furniture. Standing with your left leg beside the piece of furniture, tie the other end of the band around your right ankle. Move slightly away from the object so that there is moderate tension in the band. Slowly and deliberately extend your right ankle out to your right side, lifting your foot off the floor and keeping your knee straight. You should feel the pull in your inner thigh of your right leg. You can switch and do the same exercise with your left leg, as well. It is good to do at least 5-8 repetitions of both exercises in the beginning, increasing to twenty as you get stronger. Although these are only two of the many options you have for leg exercises with exercise bands, they are very effective for working specific muscles that often need toning.

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