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Resistence Improves Training and Workouts

Resistence training is a great way to boost personal fitness and improve muscular strength. It is important when thinking about exercise routines and workouts to make sure the workout focuses on more than just one part of the body. However, this can be hard to do when you only have a short amount of time. It is possible, though, to be both effective and efficient in short workout routines as long as you plan carefully and know what you are going to do in order to maximize what time you do have. Resistence training fits perfectly into this time-conscious scheme because it allows people to add strength training to their workouts without requiring them to go to a gym.

Methods of Resistence Training

Resistence training begins with purchasing the right equipment. There are many benefits to resistence training, not the least of which is the low cost of the equipment. One of the easiest ways to do resistence training is with resistence bands. There are many different types of these, but they all perform essentially the same function. They are rubberized flat strips or rounded tubes that resist being pulled, making it harder to do an exercise with the tubes than without them. Some resistence bands are only straight bands, while others have a Y-shape to enable both hands to grip an end of the band.

One good way to use the bands for resistence training is with a simple tricep exercise. Tie or attach one end of the band to something sturdy in front of you. Lean one knee and hand on a chair or bench and grasp the other end of the band with the other hand. As you are bent over at the waist, keep your arm bent at a 90 degree angle with the top part of your arm parallel with your back, slowly swing your hand back, and straighten your arm at the elbow as you extend your hand behind you. You should feel the pull in your tricep muscle. Be sure not to move the top part of your arm, pivoting only in the elbow.

Another good method of resistence training is using the bands to help improve flexibility. Especially for people who are not that flexible initially, it can be difficult to get a good stretch because it is hard to reach certain parts of the body to apply pressure. The resistence tubing can help you gently pull the stretch further so that your flexibility is increased over time.

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