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Stretch Tubes and Exercise: Fitness Tips

Fitness tubes, also known as exercise bands or resistance bands, are a simple piece of exercise equipment that everyone should consider adding to their personal collection. Even for those people for prefer streamlined workout routines that require little equipment or for those who are dedicated to their gym memberships, fitness tubes have something to offer. There are so many numerous advantages of fitness tubes that are both health-related and not health-related that it is surprising that more people have not incorporated fitness tube exercises and routines into their workouts. If you are willing to give this simple piece of exercise equipment a try, you will undoubtedly be surprised and happy at the results you see.

Fitness Tube Advice

Fitness tubes have a variety of uses. For those people who are unfamiliar with fitness tubes, all they are essentially is a piece of rubberized material--sometimes a flat band, other times a rounded tube--that is designed to give resistance when pulled at both ends. The concept is amazingly simple and the fitness tubes are surprisingly effective. They come in varying lengths and materials, so you can pick the fitness tube with the amount of resistance that you want and the length that is best suited to your purposes. However, fitness tubes can be shortened by folding, wrapping, or tying them, so they are extremely adaptable to individual use.

Anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of fitness or exercise discussion or read any material on the topic knows about the benefits of resistance training. It is one of the best ways to strengthen and tone muscles, especially for those people not interested in really bulking up but just improving muscle tone and overall appearance and strength. Fitness tubes are the perfect way to achieve this resistance training because they provide resistance for any muscle group depending on how you use the tubes or what exercises you do. They are extremely portable and easy to use because you can use them alone or by tying them to furniture legs or other heavy, stationary objects.

If you are new to the fitness tube world, one of the first ways you might want to incorporate fitness tubes into your exercise routine is by using them to help you achieve greater flexibility while stretching. For people who do not have the greatest flexibility initially, it can be hard to properly stretch some muscles--such as the hamstrings--without a partner. Fitness tubes make stretching much easier, however, because they allow you to reach more places and put gentle pressure on your muscles, getting a better stretch.

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